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Is Your Pet a Social Media Influencer?

Who is your favorite Social Media Influencer? Probably depends on what you are interested in. There are countless beauty and fashion influencers. And food influencers. And travel influencers. But among my favorite are pets. Like @crusoe_dachshund below.

Now this is just a silly post, solely written for my amusement. And while my dog and cat are not interested in holding down a job, you may have a pet that would be a great social media influencer. So how do you make your dog or cat an Influencer?

A few tips:

  • Have mad photography and videography skills. Every great model needs a great photographer.

  • Give back. Align yourself with a charity of your choice.

  • Give away. Hold give-aways and contests that appeal to your followers (and increase engagement).

  • Cute! Cute! Cute! Play up your pet’s cuteness factor with costumes, tricks, and things that show your pet’s uniqueness.

  • Have a multi-platform presence. Cute animals are what the internet was created for. Use Instagram, Reels, IGTV, TikTok, YouTube.

These aren’t all my ideas. Get real tips for sharing your loveable four-legged friend with millions at this Hootsuite blog post.

Follow @crusoe_dachshund onInstagram and TikTok, and Crusoe the Dachshund on YouTube.


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