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3 Strategies that Make Social Media Work for You

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

We talk to businesses all the time that say social media takes up a lot of time and they don’t get sales leads from it.

Those are the clients we want to work with most!

When I look at their business’ social media accounts, I usually see inconsistency in posts and content that could be more engaging. And engagement is more important than rounding up more followers.

Sure, you could grow your followers, but if they never interact with you, the chances are they will lose interest.

Here’s just a few ways we change things up and make social media work for you.

1. We get to know your audience! Who are your followers and are those followers likely to be potential customers?

2. We create content that reflects your brand and that will appeal to your current audience and potential customers. Give them what they want to see and keep it fresh.

3. Be consistent. That doesn’t mean we post every day. We create a plan and calendar that works for you. Posting on a regular basis with engaging content will keep your followers coming back.

Our clients see a positive difference when they work with us because we employ a strategic plan that changes things up to keep your customers coming back for more.


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