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No Buzzwords Here

Disruption. Micro-moment. Customer Journey. Omni-channel. These are some of the newest buzzwords in marketing. And sadly, storytelling is often among them.

We take storytelling from the buzzword category to the category of effective PR tools. The difference is authenticity.

We find authenticity in the stories of the people who represent your brand, such as your employees and loyal customers.

We find authenticity in the care you take to deliver a superior product or service.

We find authenticity in the causes you support and your involvement in the community. We find authenticity in the organizations of which you are a member.

As a successful PR practitioner, I find and capture human perspectives that connect businesses with their audience, and never manufacture a narrative.

Buzzwords can be used as a distraction or a tool to impress a new client. What do we use in place of buzzwords? Transparency. Collaboration. Creativity. Relationship. Values. Trust. And of course Authenticity.


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