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Success makes a good story. Or does it?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Public Relations professionals pitch newsworthy stories to the media to earn editorial coverage. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is that the media are not the only way to attract attention and interest from the public for your client or company. You can present your company’s story directly to the public through social media.

So while avenues to reach the public continue to change, what makes a good story hasn’t. It still must be authentic and compelling and make a connection with the public.

If your story starts with “I had an idea. Built on that idea to start a business. Was successful and everything is working out perfectly.”

But did it? The best stories aren’t always about success, but the failures and bumps in the road it took to get there. The best stories are the people. The best stories are the impact your company is having in your industry.

Public relations professionals must be willing to dig for those stories and explore the reality of what makes your company unique.


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